Kavi's Chai is launching at the Earth Day Fair!

Come try some fresh authentic chai at our booth. The original version is made with whole milk, and there will also be an oat milk version. You can learn more and "RSVP" here.

If you have any questions: kavi@kavischai.com

Kavi's Chai

Hello! Namaste.

I'm so excited to share my chai with you.

In India, it's traditional to make masala chai (spiced milk tea) every morning. It's been a meditative part of my morning routine for some time. Over the past two years, I've really enjoyed making and sharing my chai with friends, coworkers, and folks in Bend. Most people who've tried it here have remarked that they haven't had any chai like it before. Most "chai tea" in America is overly sweet and has an unusual flavor profile (often heavy on cinnamon).

I enjoy making a simple chai with grated ginger, ground cardamom, and a pinch of chai masala (spice mix). It's added to water and heated together for a few minutes with black tea and a teaspoon of turbinado sugar. Finally, I add whole milk until it boils and rises to the top. It's simple, but with the right balance, it's the perfect drink to start the day (or recharge mid-day).

My plan is to make the fresh chai in small batches for events and other venues, allowing folks across Bend to try it. I hope you'll enjoy it.



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